Product Description

Scissors with TC Cutting Edges


also known as WOLFRAM or TUNGSTEN CARBIDE cutting edges, is a term that is recognized world-wide.This is one of the hardest metal alloy compositions and it approaches “diamond hardness”.


TC-Scissors are the surgeon's tool and, therefore, must be durable with lasting quality.


Berger Surgical TC-Scissors are particularly distinguished due to their:

- excellent cutting properties

- durability

- 5 years guarantee

- welded Tungsten Carbide Inserts

- goldplated rings

- smoother and consistent pressure function


Wave Cutting Edges


All scissors are available with wavy cutting edges (“BS-Wellenschliff”). The scissors have a special grind on the lower cutting edges. This prevents tissue from slipping out.

Product Options
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  • 18,0 cm Metzenbaum-Thorek
  • 20,0 cm Metzenbaum-Thorek
  • 23,0 cm Metzenbaum-Thorek
  • 28,0 cm Metzenbaum-Thorek